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A lot of archers out there suffer from target panic, and believe if they can just beat their nerves they can beat the panic.  Unfortunately for a large number of people it’s not that simple, because target panic is not your nerves getting the better of you.

Target panic is a psychological condition caused by the way ones brain learns at a neurological level.  An archer suffering from target panic may experience a premature hold.  They may experience a premature anchor, or they may experience a premature release.  All are frustrating and unforgiving at the moment of truth.

Joel Turner

Joel Turner

Joel Turner (JT) has put together an 8 hour clinic ($150 per person) where he teaches you the science behind target panic.  He teaches you about the myths of target panic, the fallacies of its common patches, and a proven way out of target panic.  He teaches you not only WHAT to concentrate on during a shot, but more importantly, HOW to concentrate under stress.


Here are just a few of the topics he covers.

  • Target panic the causes and myths.
  • Shot separation – The two jobs involved in a single shot.
  • The use of Neurolinguistic Programming to trap and hold concentration.
  • Complete knowledge of the Mental Mechanics of the shot.
  • The skill of diagnosis and treatment of most mental shooting issues.
  • Bow tuning – Shelf or Elevated Rest
  • Broadhead tuning and the Single Bevel Advantage.


I took Joel’s clinic in May and found it to be a wealth of information.  I also just ordered the dvd to reinforce the ideas Joel teaches. – Paul Newton


2014 Schedule

There is no set schedule.  JT teaches clinics as groups of sufficient size host them.  If you wish to attend a clinic check with your local range to see if they are hosting one.  If you are willing to travel to attend, contact us and JT will let you know of any openings in currently scheduled clinics.

If you wish to host a clinic.

JT travels nation wide to teach these clinics.  If travel is required there is a 9 student minimum and a 12 student maximum.  There is no student minimum for local clinics.  To host a clinic a target range is necessary, and preferably a 3-D course.

Why learn from JT?

JT is a featured archer in Masters of the Barebow 4 as a professional in the mental aspect of Target Panic, and is the published author of, “Target Panic, Speaking to your Mind.”  Having taken instruction from him before, I can tell you he is an exceptional instructor.  He has a deep understanding of what he is teaching, he is passionate about what he is teaching, and he has the ability to explain it to anyone.  If you want to know what caliber of a man JT is, check out the Trad Gang Forums to see what others had to say about him.


IRONMIND ARCHERY SYSTEMS click the link to view the flier in a PDF format.


Joel Turner Elk



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